'The Town That Built Sydney'

About two hours west of Sydney side
You'll find a place called Portland Town,
At three thousand feet, on the Great Divide -
A jewel in the Tablelands' crown.

Off the main drag, in a secluded spot
With very few amenities lacking,
We're on the State map, shown as just a small dot.
If you've missed us, it's well worth back-tracking.

'The Town That Built Sydney', as Jack Kearns would say,
Was first christened as Limestone Flat -
With the Cement Works, (closed back many a day),
Now an unplanned wildlife habitat.

Our summers are seldom too hot to bear
With most winters promising snow.
High humidity days are, thankfully, rare
And the pace of Life enjoyably slow.

If you decide that here you will stay
And name Portland your 'Place in the Sun'
You'll be quite welcome, but don't give away
Our location to just anyone.

- Bid

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